1. Add a Network Printer
  2. Adding a Shared Calendar to Outlook 365 and Outlook Webmail
  3. ClassTech FAQ for AY21
  4. ClassTech Important Changes for AY21
  5. ClassTech Start of Class
  6. ClassTech Training Overview for AY21
  7. Computer & Peripheral Ordering
  8. Discover my Network Drives
  9. Dual Monitors at Home with Remote Computer
  10. Echo360 Add a new class, add materials
  11. Echo360 Finding/Viewing a Course
  12. Echo360 In-Class Polls & Activities
  13. Echo360 Playing Videos
  14. Echo360 Recording a Lecture
  15. Echo360 Student Questions
  16. Echo360 Upload lecture to class
  17. Enable Wifi Calling (Cellular alternative)
  18. Guest Accounts at Illinois
  19. How to install new software to your Windows computer
  20. International Travel Insurance
  21. Local Administrative Rights Super User (SU) Access
  22. Map a Network Drive
  23. Office 365 Desktop App Access
  24. Office365 Licensing
  25. Printer Supply Ordering (Toner, Ribbons, Paper, labels)
  26. R Software
  27. Remote to your work computer from home
  28. Self Service Software Installation
  29. Travel Request App - Approvers
  30. Travel Request App - Quick Start
  31. Travel Request App - Workflow Detail and All Functions
  32. U of I Box - Invalid login credentials message
  33. Vet Med Echo360 Login
  34. VPN required apps
  35. Webstore Software and Training
  36. Windows and Mac OS X Supported Operating System Versions
  37. Working from Home