SANDI - VDL Lab Requisitions

The requisition/interface function within SANDI allows requested diagnostic tests to flow directly to the Veteromary Diagnostic Lab (VDL) information system, VADDS. When resulted, the data flows back to SANDI and is permanently stored in the patients medical record and is available for sending via Exams and Forms.

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1. Bring up the patient in the Patient Dashboard.


2. Select the arrow next to Labs.

Note: You can also add a Lab order via Charges/Procedure HX.


Charge Entry chgentrybutton

Statuses (to the right):

Actions (to the right):

3. Select Add Lab Requisition.


4. You can search by code or description in the "Search for Lab" box and press enter to add. The test will appear as Manually added OR you can select the plus + icon next to the list you want to view and all available tests will be displayed.

5. Enter the proper Quantity.

6. Enter the proper Priority (The default is Routine.)

Example of Manual Test Added: This image shows a manually added test. 


Example of Manual and List Driven Test Added: This image shows both a manual and list driven tests added.  To remove any test it simply select Remove.


7. Select the blkquesmkIcon when present: Many tests have additional information that you should ALWAYS read by selecting the question markblkquesmk icon.


Adding Selected Tests 

Note: It is important to ensure that you have selected the correct tests. If you have made a mistake you may still cancel the request without the charges posting to the account, and without the request being sent to the lab

1. When all desired tests have been selected and are correct, click Add Selected Tests and you will return to the test list.

IMPORTANT: Your tests have NOT been submitted to the VDL yet.


2. Select the Submit to VDL button to complete required information.

3. Complete the required Patient History.  

4. Many tests have questions that must be answered.  Complete all of these.

Example of test with required questions: The following is an example with standard patient history and required questions.


6. When finished:

Viewing Test Status 

To see the stats of your requisition, refer back to the Lab Reqs screen to look for status changes. 

Viewing Test Results (Available from Labs and Exams/Forms Send)

From Labs

  1. Select the Edit Icon blkeye next to the test results you want to view
  2. Choose an exam from the drop down. (Typically, only one exam exists but there could be multiple.)
  3. Select View Exam
  4. Select Uploaded Case Report
  5. Your results will appear in PDF format and


From Exams/Forms Send

1. Ensure you select the correct client/patient in the Dashboard.

2. Go to Exams & Forms.

3. Locate the lab result you want to view.

4. Select the Send (Airplane Icon)


5. Select to View In-Person (third option in the screen show below) and the results will display.


Note: Under Step 2 you can select/deselect and refresh to see any of the reports listed.