SANDI - Radiology Information System (RIS)

The following articles explain the common setup and ordering with the RIS.

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Add a RIS Order

    Add RIS Order

    1. From the Patient Dashboard, select the  arrow next to Imaging Box.


    2. Select Add RIS Order


    Note: All fields in Red and preceded by an asterisk are required. 



    Note: Multiple areas may be selected on one order.

    1. Select the area(s) of interest  and they will will be shaded gray (See "Brain" above in our example)
    2. Once you have added all areas, click in the white space next to submit (so you can see the full order creation form)
    3. When ready, click the Submit button.
    4. The status of your order will turn to Waiting Approval
    5. If you wish to submit an order for the same patient but for a different modality, you may use the copy order button. This will create a new order but copy all contact information and order comments so you don’t have to retype the information.

    What Happens After You Submit a RIS Order

    Note: As the study is performed you may access the RIS order screen to see the status of the study and its related reports.

    1. After submission, the imaging technicians will review and approve the order. This will change the status to Approved. 
    2. When the test is ready to be run the imaging technical will change the status to In Process
    3. When the test is complete the imaging technical will change the status to Complete and add charges to the client account based upon the area of interest you requested.
    4. Imaging reports will be viewable in the Exams and Forms screen, and may be sent utilizing the SEND function like all other medical record information in SANDI.