SANDI - Send Reports to Clients, rDVM, etc.

When a patient is registered in Vetstar, a report titled “Visit Report” will automatically be created. A visit report should be created for all patient visits including suture removal, bandage changes, and visits where the patient dies. The only exceptions are lab work only (where the patient is not seen), and outpatient imaging. The patient visit report is printed for the owner at the time of discharge and is sent to the rDVM. This document explains how to access the Reports and view/send them to clients, rDVM, etc.

Examination Medical Record Documentation Overview (Fromerly emr screen in Vetstar.)

1. Bring up the proper Client/Patient in the Patient’s Dashboard and select the arrow next to Exams/Forms.


2. The Exams/Forms screen will display all patient history/reports.  

Overview of Exams/Forms Screen


Send Overview

1. Select the airplane icon next to the report you would like to Send.


2. The report you chose will be selected (check box) under Step 2 and displayed, as it will be sent, at the right. Review the report for accuracy.

3. In Step 2 you can also add additional reports by selecting the check box next to the desired report.  Once additional reports are selected select Refresh Preview (scroll down to see Refresh) to add the newly selected report to the report view on the right.

4. Once everything looks good and you are ready to send, select Send Report. (scroll down to see Send Report)


5.  In-Person will bring up the PDF for you to view/print. Other options will display a report queued message at the top of the screen like the image below.


6. Once complete, you may escape out of the Window(s)