SANDI - Logging into SANDI

The following instructions explain how to access the new Health Information System, SANDI, via the Vetstar application.

***ONLY use Chrome to access SANDI***

There are two methods for logging into SANDI

Note: To gain access to SANDI please email to schedule training.

Method 1:

 Log directly into SANDI by selecting the SANDI shortcut on any of the VTH PCs: 


Note: Don't have the shortcut?  The URL to SANDI is below. Macintosh users and personal laptop users can create their own shortcut to the URL.

Method 2:

Log onto SANDI via Vetstar (Instructions below)

Video Training Link:  Accessing SANDI via Vetstar

Locate the Vetstar NetID Logon shortcut icon on your desktop and select it


Login login with your NetID and password. Please note that your credentials will be saved, like other applications, and it will not ask to you to login again until it times out. 


The Vetstar Home screen will appear:


Type sandi and press Enter

Select Login (your credentials should be saved from logging into Vetstar.)


You are now logged into SANDI