Student Hourly Jobs

Small Animal Surgery O.R. Cleaning – $14.50/hr -Facilities Support – Flexible

Job Number: #115

Job Details

Job Title: O.R. Cleaning

Service/Unit area: VTH Small Animal Surgery O.R.

Hiring Managers Name: Amanda Widick

Hiring Managers Email:

Hourly Rate: $14.50/hr

Job Type: Patient Support

Job Structure: Flexible

Work Schedule: This is a job where you come in after 6pm and disinfect the OR’s that were used daily. You have the flexibility to come in at any time after 6pm. For the weekends we ask that you come any time on Sunday. The work takes about 1-2 hours per day.
**Only accepting applications from veterinary students**

Job Description

Disinfecting the operating rooms and equipment used that day (or over the weekend)

Job Requirements

Requirements: The job is to disinfect the dirty O.R.’s using Rescue (advanced hydrogen peroxide cleaner). Disinfection is done by wiping the:

  • surfaces (tops and bases) of any tables (patient and instrument tables)
  • kick bckets (surgical trash cans)
  • cautery and suction units
  • doors
  • any wall surface that has obvious contaminate on it

Each room takes about 20 minutes to disinfect, and generally there are 3 – 5 rooms per day to clean (this is an average – some days will have less rooms and some days will have more rooms)

**Only accepting applications from veterinary students**

Number of positions available: 1