Student Hourly Jobs

Part-time In-patient Care for Large Animal- $16 – $17/hr -Patient Support – After-Hours

Job Number: #114

Job Details

Job Title: In-patient care student worker

Service/Unit area: Large Animal (FARMS)

Hiring Managers Name: Edgar Garrett

Hiring Managers Email:

Hourly Rate: $16/hour ($17/hr with shift differential)

Job Type: Patient Support

Job Structure: After-hours

Work Schedule: Shift hours are from 5pm – 12am OR 11:30 pm – 7am.
Friday to Sunday are priorities, and Monday-Thursday with lower frequency.
Shifts are as needed with an expectation of working 2 to 4 shifts per month.

**Only accepting applications from veterinary students**

Job Description

The FARMS service is looking for student help in caring for patients with conditions and illnesses that require close monitoring and treatments during an entire 24-hour period. Tasks will include monitoring hospitalized patients based on parameters outlined in the ICU orders and administer treatments as outlined in ICU orders. Examples of monitoring include measuring temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate, characterizing breathing effort and mental state, and tracking IV fluid administration rate. Treatments may consist of administering medications orally, IM, SC or IV. If medications are to be given IV, an IV catheter will be in place. Instructions for all drugs to be administered will be listed on the ICU sheet and the volume of solution or number of tablets or capsules will be listed so calculating drug doses will not be required. A variety of species and size of animals will be encountered ranging from newborn kids or lambs weighing less than 10 lbs to adult cattle weighing 2,000 lbs. Animals will either be small enough that they will be relatively easy to work with or docile enough that they are reasonable to work with. There will not be an expectation of restraining difficult or unruly animals although you may be asked to assist another staff member that is competent to handle an unruly animal.

On most evenings, the work will be done with a veterinary technician on site to provide guidance or assistance when needed; however, there may be times when no technicians are available.

There will always be a veterinarian listed on the ICU orders that can be called for guidance or to come assist if needed.

Job Requirements

Requirements: Students must be enrolled in the veterinary curriculum and the job will require signing up for shifts on a monthly schedule. Notification to work a shift will be provided as soon as possible but will likely not be more than a few hours in advance and notification may come anytime during the night.

**Only accepting applications from veterinary students**

Number of positions available: 8