Practitioner Updates

Pharmacist’s Corner: Help for Your Clients:  Handouts and Tutorials for Improving Home Care

The University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides client tutorials and handouts that can be accessed via the website at:

Providing resources to clients and veterinary teams has been shown to be extremely beneficial for the quality of care that patients receive. The video demonstrations that we have created have been crucial to teaching during COVID and are helpful for clients to be able to access and review prior to completing the below processes.

Video demonstrations are provided on the following topics:

  • How to reconstitute an antibiotic
  • How to use an intranasal seizure kit
  • How to use a rectal seizure kit
  • How to administer transdermal medications
  • How to administer insulin
  • How to draw up injectable medication doses
  • How to reconstitute meropenem
Use the QR code above to quickly access the website with links to video tutorials and handouts.

Handouts are also available for eye ointment application, safe handling of chemotherapy agents, safe handling of fentanyl patches, safe handling of hazardous agents, Semglee biosimilars fact sheet, proper medication disposal, and many more.

By Alex Gochenauer, PharmD, FSVHP