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Get to Know Spencer Kehoe

Dr. Spencer Kehoe and family

Dr. Spencer Kehoe pictured above with wife, Allie, and dog, Dakota, began working as a clinical instructor for Zoological Medicine in January 2021.

Describe your role at the college.
I’m a clinical instructor in Zoological Medicine at the Veterinary Medicine South Clinic. My main role is to mentor and guide clinical year vet students, our Zoological Medicine specialty intern and residents through companion zoological, wildlife and traditional zoo animal cases seen by our service. I also provide didactic lectures and laboratory teaching to veterinary students in their first 3 years of veterinary school.

Have you held any previous titles or responsibilities at the college?
No, this is my first position held at the University.

What is your favorite part of your job?
I love working with our students, specialty interns and residents to develop routine and advanced diagnostic, medical and surgical plans that provide the best care possible for the amazing species we get to see. I also really enjoy the wide species and case diversity we get to work with, as well as the opportunity to teach and mentor.

What motivates you to get up and go to work each day?
The fact that every single day is exciting and different.  The cases and unique species we see constantly challenge us to think outside the box, continue to learn, which keeps me on my toes!

Complete this sentence: My most memorable day at work was…
Getting to meet the amazing animals at our two local zoos, that I will get to work with regularly and help keep healthy over the coming years.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What is something your co-workers may be surprised to know about you?
I am a BIG foodie and love wine. I also love exercising, outdoor activities (especially snow and water sports), and spending time with my family. Most people are surprised to find out that I spent 8 years learning to make wine when I lived in California.

Do you have a favorite restaurant or place in the Champaign/Urbana area?
Since I’m new to the area, I haven’t had a chance to sample all the great restaurants in the area yet. However, it’s definitely on my to-do list!

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have an amazing dog named Dakota. She’s an incredibly smart and loving pitty, who has black and white spots like a Holstein cow.

Which is your favorite, orange or blue?
Definitely blue.

How would you describe the community of the College of Veterinary Medicine?
The College of Veterinary Medicine community is a group of like-minded people with similar goals. We all strive to provide the highest level of care for our patients and clients, to advance the field of veterinary medicine through research and training, and we are passionate about what we do.