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Father / Mother



Great Grandparents Hess
Great Great Grandparents Hess

Albert Bernard Hess

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Gladys Marie Harlan

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Joseph Hess

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Clara M. Friemel
Mathias Hess
born in Niederfell, Germany

Sarah Foertsch

Cleveland, Ohio

Mathias Hess (1804-1868)

Niederfell, Germany. Moved to Cleveland, OH

Susanah Heiter (1808-1869)

Niederfell, Germany

    Born in Cleveland, OH. Moved from Umbarger, Texas to Fayetteville, Arkansas  

Came to America in 1847 with parents Mathias and Susanah Hess, along with bothers John and Peter.

Moved from Cleveland, OH (Cuyahoga County) to Umbarger, Texas

  Their Children:
1. John (Johannes) Hess
2. Peter (Petras) Hess
3. Mathias Hess (1837-1926)
4. Catharina Hess
5. Fridericus Franciscus Hess
Father: Mathias Heider
Mother: Anna Maria Engles
    Their Children:
1.Catherine Agnes
2.Anna Ida
3.Anthony John
5.Clara Frances
6.Herbert Hugo
7.Lillian Ann
8.Albert Bernard (Al)
9.Theodore Eugene (Ted)
  Their Children:
1.Edward Mathias Hess (1866-1924)
2.Albert Peter (1868-1912)
3.Alois Phillip (1870-?)
4.Ida Juliana (1871-1919)
5.Mary Cristina (1873-1918)
6.Rudolph Clemmence (1875-1931)
7.Bernard Joseph (1882-1962)
8.George Henry (1877-1952)
9.Mathias Wilhelm (1879-1938)
10.Louis Anthony (1885-1933)
11.Francis Anthony (1885-1911)
12.John Walter (1888-1932)

Clara's parents:
Pius Magdelina Friemel (1858-1946) of Mittelwalde, Germany m. Magdalene Winkler in Schulenburg, TX


Sarah's parents:
Michael Foertsch (1804-1908) and
Barbara Arch (1807-1895)
of Bamberg, Germany





The lineage leading to Mathias Hess (1837-1926) and to Rex A. Hess (1949-):

  • Eberhardt Hess (1700s, dates unknown; my great, great, great, great, grandfather); m. Barbara Harfen
    • Johannes Hess (1700s, dates unknown); of Katholische Kirche, Niederfell, Germany; m. Anna Eva Nellinger
      • Mathias Hess (1804-1868); of Katholische Kirche, Niederfell, Germany; m. Susanna Heiter; moved to Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
        • Mathias Hess (1837-1926); of Cleveland, OH; m. Sarah Foertsch; moved to Umbarger, Texas.
          • Bernard Joseph Hess (1882-1962); of Umbarger, Texas; m. Clara M. Friemel; moved to Springdale, Arkansas.
            • Albert Bernard Hess (1929-1997); of Springdale, AR; m. Gladys M. Harlan; moved to Missouri, to Oklahoma, then to Springdale, AR.
              • Rex Allen Hess (1949- ); of Fayetteville, AR; m. Carole A. Bradshaw; moved to Columbia, Missouri, then later to Champaign, IL; m. Susan Clow.
                • Ryan Lee Hess (1973- ); born in Columbia, MO


Edward Hess
Margaret Ruf
Albert M.
m. Mary Miller
m. Louise Mathias
m. Anthony Rose
Mary Rudolph
m. Rose Wingenbach
Bernard Joseph m. Clara Friemel George Mathias Louis  Francis Anthony  John Walter

Their children:
2.Eugene m. Nina Weston

3.Marie m. Lawrence Gardner then John Donohue
2.Antoinette m. Eugene Brickman
2.Joseph m. Viola Force
1.Catherine Agnes
2.Anna Ida
3.Anthony John
5.Clara Frances
6.Herbert Hugo
7.Lillian Ann
8.Albert Bernard (Al)
9.Theodore Eugene (Ted)

3.Amadeus Peter m. Eileen Comyns
Their children:
Jerome Hess
Vincent P.
Joanne m.
John Schwartz
Lenore m. John C. Burke


The Hess Name - Famous and Infamous

Hess or Hesse
The family name may have originated in the state of Hesse, or Hessen, in West Germany, which was once part of Prussia. Some believe the name originated in Austria. The name Hess means "the hooded people", whatever that means. Many in the Hess family are of German descent. Early immigration records list the Hess surname beginning in America in the early 1700's. There are records showing that the name Haas was converted to Hess by some after immigrating to America. Among the earliest immigrants were Joseph Hess to New York in 1709; Samuel Hess to America in 1731; John Hess to Pennsylvania in 1729; Abraham Hess in 1728; John Hess to New York City, in 1762; and Edward Hess in 1746. Michael Hess and Peter Hess served as Revolutionary Soldiers in New Jersey, as did Garret and John VanHess. After searching this name, I have been totally surprised to find so many diverse types of people carrying the name Hess. For example, one of the first communists in Europe was Moses Hess, who was also a German Jew that became one of the first Zionists to promote a homeland in Palestine. There have been three Hess's awarded Nobel Laureates, one in Physics, one in Medicine and one (Hesse) in Literature. In the year I was born,1949, Walter R. Hess (1881-1973) shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine with Egas Moniz for studies on how the brain controls organs. Alfred Hess discovered vitamin C could cure scurvy. Leon Hess started the very successful oil company that is located in the Eastern part of United States, originally named Amerada Hess, but now just Hess. Robert Hess was a University President. Barry Hess (I never heard of him) is running for President in 2000 as a Libertarian. Jake Hess is a famous gospel singer. There is a Hess internet portal. Also, we must not forget the Hess Select Wines of California, which do have a nice taste. I also saw a Hess Winery in Germany across the river from Strasbourg, France. Unfortunately there is also a dark side to the name, as we are reminded that it was a Hess that was appointed deputy Führer during the awful war. Finally, I prefer to remember the many who have borne the name Hess through wonderful and successful lives in such a manner that they have helped to make the world a better place. These persons range from scientists to writers, businessmen, artists, Rabbis to Ministers (such as my father), and University Presidents. It is my hope that those bearing the Hess name will continue to be honorable, and bring praise to the God of Creation and peace to everyone they meet.
Some interesting variations of the name Hess
Hessa, Hessaa, Hessaik, Hessar, Hessay, Hessberger, Hessburg, Hessdorter, Hesse, Hessebhess, Hessebont, Hessee, Hessegau, Hessek, Hessel, Hesselager, Hesselat, Hesselbaart, Hesselbach, Hesselbacher, Hesselbart, Hesselbeck, Hesselbein, Hesselberg, Hesselberger, Hesselbjer, Hesselbjerg, Hesselblad, Hesselbom, Hesselbrock, Hesseldahl, Hesselden, Hesseldon, Hesselein, Hesseler, Hesselgesser, Hesselgrave, Hesselgren, Hesselgrove, Hesselholt, Hesselhuus, Hesselinck, Hesseling, Hesselink, Hesselius, Hessell, Hessellgesser, Hesselman, Hessert, Hessessy, Hessetine, Hessewig, Hessey, Hesse, Hesshaw, Hessheimer, Hesshermer, Hessiah, Hessian, Hessick, Hessie, Hessig, Hessilhead, Hessilius, Hessiman, Hessin, Hessina, Hessinberger, Hessine, Hessing, Hessinger, Hessinne, Hession, Hesskamp, Hesskew, Hesslar, Hessle, Hesslegrave, Hesslein, Hessler, Hessley, Hesslin, Hessling, Hesslington, Hesslop, Hessman, Hessmann, Hessmans, Hessmanss, Hessmer, Hessmyr, Hessner, Hessnes, Hesso, Hessoe, Hessom, Hesson, Hessong, Hesso, Hessswineheart, Hesster, Hesston, Hessy, Hessye, Hess
Moses Hess (1812;1875)
A most notable German Jew who not only influenced the introduction of socialism in Europe, he was responsible for converting Engels to communism, influenced even Marx and in his later years returned to his Jewish roots to promote a new an unwelcomed idea of Zionism. In Rome and Jerusalem (1862, tr. 1918, 1958, 1964) he urged the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, and with this publication was one of the first Zionists.
HESS, Aaron; David; Henry; Levi; Mathias; Patton; Thomas -- All fought in the Civil War -- 72nd Virginia Militia - Russell County
Victor Franz Hess (1883-1964)
Awarded the1936 Nobel Laureate in Physics for his discovery of cosmic radiation. He resided in Austria and served at the Innsbruck University
Walter R. Hess (1881-1973)
Awarded a 1949 Nobel Laureate in Medicine for his discovery of the functional organization of the interbrain as a coordinator of the activities of the internal organs. His residence was Switzerland, and his affiliation was the Zurich University.
Hermann Hesse (1877-1962)
Awarded the 1946 Nobel Laureate in Literature for his inspired writings which, while growing in boldness and penetration, exemplify the classical humaitarian ideals and high qualities of style. He was born in Calw, Wurttenberg, Germany and resided in Switzerland.
Rudolf Hess (1894-1987)
Born in Alexandria, Egypt, the son of a German merchant. In 1920, he became an ardent follower of Adolf Hitler and in 1933 became deputy Führer and minister without portfolio. However, he had little power as the war continued and in 1941 he flew an airplane from Augsburg to Scotland, apparently to attempt negotiation with Great Britain to stop the war. He was captured, inprisoned and at the Nuremberg war-crimes trial in 1946 he was sentenced to life imprisonment in Spandau.
Robert Hess
President of Brooklyn College.