From Turtles to Snakes

Most of us grow up with our friendly four legged friends, only knowing about slithery, scaly creatures from watching TV or movies. Think of a movie with a character played by a dog... Did you think of Beethoven, the giant slobbery St Bernard?  The dog named Old Yeller that is praised after saving a little boy [...]

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Searching for Chelonians in Oak Ridge

The Amphibian Pathogen Project took a brief pause the week of June 27 to allow the legendary Turtle Team to come tracking for box turtles in Oak Ridge. Many of you already know that I became involved with the W.E.L. through Turtle Team activities in Illinois and it has proven to be a top highlight [...]

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Blanding’s Turtle Research

Blanding's Turtle Research I am excited to be spending my final summer break of veterinary school hiking through forest preserves looking for turtles. As part of Dr. Allender’s Wildlife Epidemiology Lab and along with Dr. Dana Lindemann, the first-year zoo resident at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, I am completing a project [...]

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