The Wildlife Epidemiology Lab within the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois offers formal and informal training opportunities for veterinarians and veterinary students.


Fieldwork is an important part of the Lab’s work.

Student Blogs

Box Turtle Team

Samantha Johnson (right) and Marta Rzadkowska (left) are veterinary students leading Turtle Team to monitor health in the Eastern Box Turtle population.

Marta and Samantha’s latest posts:

Blandings Turtle Blog

John and Lauren are rising second-year veterinary students spending the summer analyzing the health of the Blanding’s turtle, a state endangered species.

Lauren and John’s latest posts:

Snake Surveillance

Megan is a third year vet student, her main focus is investigating the epidemiology of Snake Fungal Disease in Eastern Massasaugas and Timber rattlesnakes.

Megan’s latest posts: