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Remove File Information from Vetstar Custom Reports

Click here to download a hard copy of these instructions (Microsoft Word format).

When printing Vetstar reports, the path and file name of the temporary file used may print at the bottom of the page:


Perform the following steps to remove it (note that this must be set under each user’s login):

  1. Open Internet Explorer.

  2. From the menu bar, select File -> Page Setup:

    If you do not see the menu bar, right click at the top of Internet Explorer and click on ‘Menu Bar’:

  3. For Internet Explorer 7 and earlier:

    Change the Footer codes from “&u&b&d” to “&d” only:
    IE 7 footer

  4. For Internet Explorer 8:
  5. Change the Footer setting 'URL' to -Empty-:
    IE 8 footer

  6. Close Internet Explorer. Now only the current date will print at the bottom of Vetstar reports.
Updated 5/10/10 DML

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