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Winter 1999 Vol.23 No.1
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  Research Projects Funded between
October 1, 1998, and December 31, 1998

  *   Bovine
  *   General
  *   Ovine
  *   Porcine
  *   Small Animals



Kakoma I, Food and Agriculture Organization, $6,000, Professional Development for Dr. Kuldip Singh: Correlation between Ultra Sound Profile and Postpartum Infection

Morin DE, U.S. Department of Agriculture/Regional Research Funds (RRF), $8,000, Resistance to Mastitis in Dairy Cattle - NE-112

Ott RS, Foley GL, Faulkner DB, USDA/HATCH, $3,000, Reversibility of Testicular and Spermatologic Lesions in Gossypol-fed Bulls

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Bahnson PB, Illinois Council on Food and Agriculture Research (C-FAR), $50,000, Salmonella Detection and Control Ensuring the Safety of Food Products

Beasley VR, N Slope Borough, Wildlife, $25,325, NOAA Student Intern

Dewanjee MK, Campus Research Board, $23,800, Noninvasive Tumor Imaging with 99m Technetium Labeled DNA Probe

Hahn EC, Weigel RM, Scherba G, USDA/Agricultural Research Service, $66,787, Environmental Escape of Gene-Deleted Vaccine for Pseudorabies

Hess RA, National Institutes of Health, $83,280, Microtubules in Testicular Toxicity of Carbendazim (Subcontract with University of California)

Hoyer LL, Campus Researh Board, $2,188, C. Albicans Als Proteins as Vaccine Candidates

Jones CJ, USDA/RRF, $6,000, Integrated Management of Arthropod Pests of Livestock and Poultry

Schantz SL, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, $166,620, Human Health Effects of PCB Exposure from Contaminated Fish (Longitudinal Assessment of Neuropsychological & Thyroid Function in Aging Great Lakes Fisheaters)

Solter PF, Schultze AE, DeNicola DB, USDA/Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, $33,933, Teaching Clinical Pathology of Food and Fiber Producing Animals Via the World Wide Web and Interactive Video Teleconferences

Tripathy DN, USDA/HATCH, $13,000, NE-138 Epidemiology and Control of Emerging Strains of Poultry Disease Respiratory Agents

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Gross DR, TeraMed, Incorporated, $2,919, A Pilot Study for the In Vivo Testing and Evaluation of the Tera Med Inc Vascular Stent

Gross DR, Krylov V, Dickey Foundation, $5,000, Creation of Venous Valves Using Microsurgical Techniques

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Hahn EC, USDA/RRF, $20,000, Research in Support of a National Eradication Program for Pseudorabies

Haschek-Hock WM, Meerdink GL, Beasley VR, Harlin KS, Reynold D, Bane DP, USDA/RRF, $6,000, Occurrence of Mycotoxins in Feeds and Foods and Their Effects on Animal and Human Health

Kuhlenschmidt MS, USDA/RRF, $15,000, Prevention and Control of Enteric Diseases of Swine

Miller GY, C-FAR, $127,000, C-FAR Swine Odor and Waste Management (SOWM) Systems Design and Management

Zuckermann FA, Powderject, $30,810, Immunization of Pigs with Plasmid DNA Encoding the Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen

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Paul AJ, Fort Dodge Lab, $31,317, Clinical Observations from the Administration of Moxidectin Canine Sustained Release Injectable in Ivermectin Sensitive Dogs

Sisson DD, Bayer, $15,329, Neuroendocrine Characterization, Plasma Volume Determination and Renal Function in Hypertensive Cats

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