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Faculty, Staff Garner Awards

On November 13, 2003, more than 50 faculty, graduate students, and staff members of the College were honored for their service and achievements.

Eight people received a $1,000 cash prize and a certificate for the College-sponsored excellence awards in various categories. The winners and awards were:

[Dr. John Andrews]Dr. John Andrews, veterinary diagnostic laboratory, won the Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Helen Kruger All-Round Excellence Award signifying excellence in the College’s three-fold mission of teaching, research, and service. [Dr. Mark Oyama]Dr. Mark Oyama, veterinary clinical medicine, was selected by third- and fourth-year veterinary students as the winner of the Teaching Excellence Award. Dr. Oyama also received the $1,500 Outstanding Instructor Award from the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association. He also received the 2003 Dr. Carl J. Norden Distinguished Instructor Award.
[Dr. Federico Zuckermann]Dr. Federico Zuckermann, veterinary pathobiology, won the Research Excellence Award recognizing the quantity and quality of his research work at the College. [Dr. Ted Lock]Dr. Ted Lock, Urbana, veterinary clinical medicine, received the Service Excellence Award for outstanding committee work, clinical service, and continuing education.
[Dr. Robert Prosek]Dr. Robert Prosek, cardiology resident, received the Resident Teaching Excellence Award, which goes to a resident, intern, or graduate student in training at the College for an AVMA-recognized specialty board. [Laura Anglen]Laura Anglen, veterinary biosciences, won the Academic Professional Excellence Award.
[Gary Sergent]Gary Sergent, facilities manager, was the winner of the Dr. Robert and Lucy Graham Award for outstanding contributions by a staff employee. [Pam Frerichs]The Shirley A. Seets Staff Excellence Award went to Pam Frerichs, veterinary administration.

Additional Presentations
Eight additional awards sponsored by alumni, friends, and corporations were presented during the program:

[Dr. Luis Fernando Pita Gondim]Dr. Luis Fernando Pita Gondim, veterinary pathobiology, won the $2,000 Dr. Paul B. Doby Award for outstanding infectious disease research applicable to the livestock industry. [Katie Kalivoda ]Katie Kalivoda received the $1,500 Diego and Mariangela Segre Fellowship for an outstanding graduate student in the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology.
[Dr. Uriel Kitron]Dr. Uriel Kitron, veterinary pathobiology and associate director of the Center for Zoonoses Research, received the $1,000 Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence. [Clayton Green]Clayton Green the $1,000 Dr. Edward J. and Lois G. Voss Award for a veterinary pathobiology graduate student conducting research in pursuit of a master’s or doctoral degree in immunology, molecular biology,
or biochemistry.
[Dr. Tony Goldberg]Dr. Tony Goldberg, veterinary patho- biology, was the winner of the $500 Dr. Norman and Mrs. Helen Levine Award, which recognizes research productivity and excellence among young faculty at the College. [Dr. Tim Fan]Dr. Tim Fan, veterinary clinical medicine faculty member and doctoral student in cancer biology, received the $500 Dr. Ted and Carroll Valli Award for current DVM/PhD candidates at the College.
[Georgina Cheng]Georgina Cheng, veterinary pathobiology, received the $100 Dr. Joseph O. Alberts Award for an outstanding graduate student. [Dr. Anna Rötting]Dr. Anna Rötting, resident in equine medicine and surgery, was the recipient of the $100 Boley Award for an outstanding resident studying a specialty recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Recognition of Service

Two retirees from the previous year were recognized: Walter Crackel, who retired as a nuclear medicine specialist after 27 years of service, and David Kuehl, who retired as a veterinary research specialist after 29 years of service, both of veterinary biosciences.

An additional 38 employees were honored at the program for years of service as follows.

Veterinary Administration
5 Years: Barb Earl
10 Years: Craig Flowers
15 Years: Lou Ann Miller
Deanelle Payne, Cindy Stauffer, James Stockdale
25 Years: Dr. Gerald Pijanowski

Veterinary Biosciences
5 Years: Kay Carnes
10 Years: Joan Thompson
20 Years: Sharon Meachum, Linda Swett
25 Years: Dr. Mark Simon

Veterinary Clinical Medicine
5 Years: Margaret Alt, Dr. Sonia Crochik, Laura Curtis, Barbara Drennan, Dr. Marcella Ridgway
10 Years: Sherri Brewer, Dr. Peter Constable, Alyssa Galligan, Dr. Ralph Hamor, Igor Kuriashkin, Charlene Werts
15 Years: Vicky Armstrong, Wayne Conatser, Dr. Arthur Siegel
20 Years: Dr. Karen Campbell, Elaine Remillard, Sheila Voyles

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
5 Years: Dr. Keith Bailey, Mary Smock
15 Years: John Scott

Veterinary Pathobiology
5 Years: Tish Lehigh
10 Years: William Schnitzlein
15 Years: Donna Epps, Steven Fay
20 Years: Dr. Mark Kuhlenschmidt
30 Years: Dr. Ronald Smith

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