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Fall 1998 Vol.22 No.4
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  Research Projects Funded between
January 1, 1999, and February 28, 1999

  *   Bovine
  *   General
  *   Small Animals



Drackley JK, Murphy MR, Morin DE, United States Department of Agriculture/Animal Health & Disease, $16,846, Metabolic Mechanisms for Development of Primary Ketosis in Dairy Cow

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Beasley VR, Bunick D, Campus Research Board, $13,443. Identifying a Genetic Marker of Sex Identification in Frogs and Characterization of the Effects of Atrazine: A Search for the Basis for High Rates of Intersex and Sex Ratio Reversal

Cooke PS, Hess RA, National Institutes of Health (NIH)/University of Wisconsin, $16,993, Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity of Dioxin

Gerding PA, Alcon Laboratory, $3,140, Evaluation of Viscoelastic Devices in Eyes of Rabbits

Guyer CL, NIH, $69,369, Proposed Rat Model of Olivopontocerebellar Atrophy

Hess RA, NIH, $17,060, Role of Estrogen in Regulating Efferent Ducts of Testis

Hess RA, Bunick D, NIH, $223,547, The Role of Estrogen in the Male Reproductive Tract

Hoyer LL, NIH, $96,420, ALS Gene Family of “Candida albicans”

Li J, NIH, $114,261, Biochemistry of Egg Chorion Tanning in Mosquitoes

Schantz SL, NIH, $110,153, Developmental Effects of Fish-Borne Toxicants in Rats (Subcontract with New York State Department of Health - 892-01)

Teuscher C, NIH, $178,089, Immunoregulatory Loci in Organ-Specific Autoimmunity

Troutt HF, Parkland College, $41,046, Parkland College Veterinary Technology Program

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Ehrhart N, Benson GJ, Solter PF, McCullough SM, Grimm KA, Caplan ER, Companion Animal Grant, $4,000, Analgesia and Stress Relief in Dogs after Forequarter and Hindlimb Amputation

Sisson DD, Companion Animal Grant, $6,000, Closure of Spontaneously Occurring Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Dogs

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