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Spring 1999 Vol.23 No.2
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DVM in the DNA?

Have you noticed how often the veterinary profession seems to run in the family? To document this phenomenon, at Illinois during this year of celebrating our 50-year history, Dr. Erwin Small, the walking repository of all things CVM, compiled his list of who’s related to whom from our College.

Following is just an excerpt of the first 25 years of Dr. Small’s list. If you know of relationships we’ve missed or got wrong, or if you’d like a copy of the full list, write to the newsletter editor at 2938 VMBSB, 2001 South Lincoln Avenue, Urbana, IL 61802 or send email to

Class of ’52
George Fehrenbacher, brother Walter Fehrenbacher (’54)
Earl Lutz, son Wayne Lutz (’64)

Class of ’53
John Dust, nephew Duane Dust (’81)
John Ehrhardt, son John M. Ehrhardt (’83)
Robert Etheridge, nephews David L. Etheridge (’78)
and Steven C. Etheridge (’81);
David’s wife Cathy Joy Sinnott Etheridge (Ontario ’70)

Class of ’54
John D. Lykins, son Todd Lykins (’83)
James H. Nadler, son Jay Nadler (’82);
daughter Jill (Nadler) Dougherty (’84);
daughter-in-law Yvonne Ambrogio Nadler (’85)
Jewell D. Schlapp, son Gary D. Schlapp (’76)

Class of ’55
Lloyd C. Helper, son David Helper (’83);
daughter Patricia Helper-Frank (’84);
son-in-law Anthony Frank (’85)
Darrell L. Jessen, son James Jessen (’89)

Class of ’57
Benton C. Allen, father Ben Allen (Chicago Veterinary School ’15);
and grandfatherPaul Arndt, daughters Kristi Arndt (’90)
and Georgianne Ludwig (’95)
Robert G. Graham, brother Thomas Graham (OSU ’46)
and father Thomas Graham (McKillip Veterinary School ’15)
Jerry R. Steffen, son Torry Steffen (’97)
Gale D. Taylor, son Matt Taylor (’91)

Class of ’58
LeRoy Biehl, sons Michael Biehl (’83) and Mark Biehl (’85)
Jorg N. Hoogeweg, son Frank Hoogeweg (’81)
and daughter Heidemarie Hoogeweg-Mirusky (’83)
Jerald Kleckler, cousin Danny R. Kleckler (’77)
Paul R. Trovillion, son Daniel H. Trovillion (’86)

Class of ’60
Raymond J. Husmann, son Robert Husmann (’94)
Winfield L. Samuelson, son Steve Samuelson (’82)

Class of ’61
Joseph Szanto, son Joseph D. Szanto (’85)
Fred Uhland, wife Stephanie (Koelling) Uhland (’62)
and son F. Carl Uhland (’90)

Class of ’62
Arlo Bane, cousins Oscar G. Swanstrom (’65),
Phil Bane (’84; married to Dannielle [Jackson] Bane, ’85), and David Bane (’78)
H. Neil Becker, brother Dwight Becker (’69)
Bernard Feldman, brother Edward Feldman (CA ’73)
Thomas A. Janik, daughter Pam Janik (’94)
Lewis L. Mohr, daughter Kayla Mohr, a VM-1 at Illinois

Class of ’63
Dennis W. Duffield, brother-in-law Ken Albrecht (’67)
Larry Goodwin, and Wes Osthus brothers-in-law

Class of ’64
Nicholas Szluha, cousin Steven Stoll (’69)
Larry Wilson, son Ken Wilson (’98)

Class of ’65
Dennis Messamore, brother Terry D. Messamore (’69
and son Alex Messamore (’97)
Norman Silverstein, nephew Richard Silverstein (’88)

Class of ’66
C. David McLaughlin, father C. W. McLaughlin (Chicago Vet School ’17; also grandfather and great-grandfather)

Class of ’67
Robert Hatch, son Robert T. Hatch (CSU ’94), daughter-in-law Gena Barenberg (’89)
Edwin O. Sullivan, brother Tim Sullivan (’83)

Class of ’68
Chester Rawson, father Wayne Rawson (ISU ’43)

Class of ’69
William P. Bischoff, son Matt Bischoff (’97)
Richard E. Calhoun, son John Calhoun (’96)
and daughter-in-law Lissa Calhoun (’96)
Joseph M. Frost, sons Joe Frost (’92) and Josh Frost (’96)
Leigh S. Gass, son Leigh Gass, VM-1at Illinois
Robert I. Valentine, daughter Amy Valentine, VM-3 at Illinois
Dennis M. Webster, father Carl Webster (MSU ’40)

Class of ’70
Franklin A. Coble, father J. Porter Coble (Texas ’40)
Jayne E. Hooks and Jean Hooks, sisters

Class of ’71
Gordon J. Benson, brother James E. Benson (’74)
James A. Bollmeier, son James Bollmeier, VM-3 at Illinois
Richard H. Schulte, brother Stephen Schulte (‘73)

Class of ’73
Kenneth A. St. John, brother Steve St. John (’75)
James Zieren, son James Zieren, VM-1 at Illinois

Class of ’74
Charles Cortesi, brother Robert R. Cortesi (’77)
Colleen M. O’Keefe, brother John O’Keefe (’80),
sister-in-law Cynthia Popolowski O’Keefe (’81)

Class of ’75
Ludwig G. Janda, daughter Amy Janda, VM-3 at Illinois
Gary C. Porter, sister Jane (Porter) Keil (’79)
Miles E. Rodgers, brother George Rodgers (’80)

Class of ’76
James E. Huizinga, son Kyle Huizinga, VM-1 at Illinois
James E. Meyer, brother Robert Meyer (’84)

Class of ’77
Thomas K. Getzelman, brother Robert Getzelman (’80)

“From how my father talked so highly of Illinois and the alumni programs, before I was there, I had allegiance to the school. It felt like my home. My sister and I didn’t think of going to any other [school].”
—Dr. Jay Nadler

“The whole family used to ride with my dad when he had an evening call—all four of us—and sometimes the client would invite us to go fishing or have a picnic on his farm. From that I developed a level of comfort with the profession. It’s a testimony to the degree that the broad-based, well-rounded education one gets in veterinary school allows one to move into allied careers, such as my position in industry now.”
—Dr. Mike Biehl

“It was a wonderful thing to be able to pass [my Peotone, Illinois, veterinary clinic on to my daughter, son, and daughter-in-law]. My kids wanted to follow me, to get up in the middle of the night and answer the calls. They were very glad to join my practice, and it was quite an honor to have them.”
—Dr. Jim Nadler

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