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Spring 1999 Vol.23 No.2
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Member of First Class Creates Endowment
as Veterinary Medicine Celebrates 50th Year

by Archana Reddy

Nearly 50 years since he began studying veterinary medicine, Dr. William G. Huber, a member of the College's first graduating class, established a library endowment to honor his classmates, two former deans of the College, and a professor.

Dr. Huber and his wife Joyce F. Huber donated $25,000 to establish the endowment. Funds from the Huber Endowment will be used to purchase books for the veterinary medicine library.

"The library is an integral part of the veterinary medicine program," said Dr. Huber. "The better the library, the better the program."

A plaque that hangs in the library reminds patrons that the Huber gift was given in memory of deceased members of the class of '52 and in recognition of the accomplishments and contributions to the field of veterinary medicine by that class.

Members of the College's first class had previously created the Class of '52 Endowment and were instrumental in creating the Loyd Boley Endowment and other individual gifts.

The Huber gift also honors Dean and Mrs. Robert Graham, Dean and Mrs. Carl A. Brandly, and Dr. Roger P. Link. Dean Graham, the College's first dean, was instrumental in establishing the College and served as dean for eight years.

When Dr. Huber graduated in 1957 from the University of Illinois with a master's degree, Dr. Brandly was named dean of the College. "Dean Brandly was an outstanding scientist and administrator," Dr. Huber said.

Dr. Link served as department head for the physiology and pharmacology department, as well as president of the AVMA. He was a source of counsel, guidance and encouragement for Dr. Huber throughout his graduate studies, Dr. Huber said. Under Dr. Link's direction Dr. Huber completed his Ph.D. in comparative pharmacology in 1960. Mrs. Huber was also a student at the University.


Dr. William and Joyce F. Huber

After 13 years as a faculty member of the College, Dr. Huber left to become director of research for Hoffmann La Roche, an international pharmaceutical company. The company contributed a corporate matching gift to the endowment.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to support the endowment, to form it, and to give it to help the program," Dr. Huber said.

The Dr. William G. and Joyce F. Huber Veterinary Medicine Library Endowment Fund was established in December 1997, and last fall the library purchased its first books using funds from the endowment.

Mitsuko (Mitzi) Williams, veterinary medicine librarian, said she expected to buy at least 25 books this year with the income generated by the endowment. "These books will greatly supplement the books and journals purchased by state funds," she said.

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