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Fall 1998 Vol.22 No.4
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  Research Projects Funded between
July 1, 1998, and September 30, 1998

  *   Bovine
  *   Equine
  *   General
  *   Porcine
  *   Small Animals



Jones CJ, Hutchens D, Weinzierl, RA, Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research (C-FAR), $35,000, Efficacy of Two Pteromalid Parasitoids Against Muscoid Pests of Confined Cattle

Jones CJ, Weinzierl RA, Robertson HM, Purdue University, $10,460, Improved Assessment of the Impacts of Parasitoids in Biological Control of Flies

Morin DE, Wallace RL, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)/Animal Health & Disease, $21,254, Influence of Bedding Type on Udder Health and Milk Quality in Dairy Cows

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Foreman JH, USDA/Hatch, $19,970, Efficacy of Single Versus Multiple Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Experimental Lameness in Horses

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Clarkson RB, Belford RL, National Institues of Health (NIH)/Subcontract with Dartmouth, $80,000, Measurement of PO2 in Tissues in Vivo and In Vitro (Carbon-based Sensors for In-Vivo EPR Oximetry)

Clarkson RB, Belford RL, NIH, $203,868, Characterization of MRI Contrast Agents by EPR Methods

Cooke PS, NIH, $157,105, Mechanism of Estrogen Action in Uterus and Vagina

Docampo R, Illinois C-FAR, $30,000, Conference on New and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases

Gross DR, Jeffery EH, Bahr J, Illinois C-FAR, $39,000, Soy and Cardiovascular Health

Isaacson RE, Johnson & Johnson, $30,000, Biological Activities of Two Component Switch-Histidine Kinase Inhibitors: Effect of Virulence Factors (Testing Histidine Kinase Inhibitors)

Kakoma I, USDA, $6,000, Professional Development (Dr. Red Rana): In Vitro Efficacy of Imizol

Kitchell BE, Labthermics Technologies Inc, $40,942, Second Generation Commercial Ultrasound Therapy Assays

Moreno SN, NIH, $146,245, The Interaction Between Toxoplasma gondii and Host Cells

Schaeffer DJ, Cell-Tech, $57,458, Retrospective Epidemiological Study Using Medical Records to Determine which Diseases Are Improved by "Super Blue Green(R)" Algae Supplements

Schaeffer DJ, USDA/Hatch, $19,600, Database & Model: Determining Site Feasibility for Concentrated Animal Operations

Teuscher C, NIH, $68,749, Molecular Genetics of Lyme Arthritis Susceptibility (Subcontract with University of Utah)

Teuscher C, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, $27,500, Immunogenetics of TMEV - Induced Demyelination

Tranquilli WJ, Grimm K, Pfizer Inc, $50,000, Pharmacology PhD Program in Anesthesiology and Perioperative Pain Management

Wallace RL, Illinois Department of Health, $8,000, Alternative Drug Residue Penalty Fund

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Althouse GC, National Pork Producers Council, $23,459, Localization of PRRS Virus in Ejaculated Boar Semen

Bahnson PB, National Pork Producers Council, $24,724, Antibody to Salmonella spp., Culture Status, and Associated Risk Factors Among Slaughtered Pigs

Gross DR, Medtronic Heart Valves Inc, $10,000, Comparison of the Medtronics-Hall and Parallel Prosthetics Heart Valve in vivo; A Pilot Study

Hahn EC, Scherba G, Gibbs E, USDA/Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, $30,000, Transmission Biology of Pseudorabies in Feral Swine

Isaacson RE, USDA/National Research Initiative, $240,000, Persistence of Salmonella typhimurium in Swine

Miller GY, Bahnson PB, Illinois C-FAR, $41,000, Economic Impact of Control/Prevention of Enzootic Pneumonia and other Swine Diseases in Illinois Pigs

Scherba G, Zuckermann FA, USDA/Animal Health & Disease, $20,000, Virus-Expressed Recombinant IL-12 Modulation of Acute and Latent Aujeszky’s Disease Virus Infection

Zuckermann FA, National Pork Producers Council, $29,886, Evaluation of Nucleic Acid Delivery Methods for Genetic (DNA) Vaccine Against PRRS

Zuckermann FA, USDA/Animal Health & Disease, $31,599, Regulation of the Porcine Interleukin-12 Receptor Expression

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Gross DR, AV Healing, LLC, $31,148, In Vivo Evaluation of the AV Healing Venous Prosthethic Device

Hess RA, Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, $46,800, Inhibition of Estrogen Receptor Function in the Male as a Mechanism of Contraception in the Dog and Cat

Kitchell BE, A.G. Bayer, $460,678, Molecular Studies of Canine Matrix Metalloproteinase Expression

Solter PF, A.G. Bayer, $60,450, Evaluation of Ecadotril as a Single Therapeutic Agent for the Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Induced by Rapid Pacing in Dogs–Clinical Pathology Testing

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