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Fall 1998 Vol.22 No.4
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  Published four times annually by the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine for its students, faculty, alumni, and friends. Send address changes or information for Veterinary Report to:

Veterinary Report

University of Illinois
College of Veterinary Medicine
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Urbana, IL 61802
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Chris Beuoy

Carey Checca
Archana Reddy

Associate Dean for Development
T.W. Rathgeber

Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs
Dr. Erwin Small

Assistant Director for Development
Kimberly Meenen

Graphic & Photographic Support
Biomedical Communications Center

Art Coordinator
Linda Jackson

Don Hamerman, Lil Morales, Bob Myers

Vet Report submission deadline for Spring 1999 issue: February 1, 1999.

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