rvetILLINOIS Newsletter

rvetILLINOIS Newsletter

Read archives of rvetILLINOIS, a monthly newsletter for referring veterinarians produced by the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


July: Cytology for Primary Osteolytic Neoplasia, Spotlight on Dr. Anne Barger
 Geriatric Critical Care, Pediatric Critical Care, Spotlight on Dr. Jordan Vitt
May: FOSCC Clinical Trial, Pot-Bellied Pig Sedation, Spotlight on Dr. Daniel Duffy
April: Working Dog Saved from Amputation, Emergency Protocol for Opioid Exposure, Spotlight on Dr. Efa Llewellyn
 3T MRI and Equine Lameness, Behavior Case Triage, Spotlight on Dr. Kelly Ballantyne
February: Farrier Services, Laminitis, Patent Urachus, Spotlight on Dr. Kara Lascola
January: Ear Canal Tumors, Atopic Dermatitis, Spotlight on Dr. Amy Somrak


December: Canine Influenza, Ophthalmology Update, Spotlight on Dr. Katie Fleming
November: Radiology Update, Neuro Developments, Spotlight on Kari Foss, DVM, MS, DACVIM
October: Hidden Cancers, Children’s Grief Responses, Spotlight on Tim Fan, DVM, DACVIM
September: Chylothorax in Cat, American Hero Vet Tech Winner, Spotlight on Michelle Jaeger, CVT, VTS
Cardiology and Spotlight on Dr. Ryan Fries
July: Fall Conference, Shelter Medicine, Spotlight on Dr. Santiago Gutierrez
 Equine Dystocia, Reduction of Vitamin D in Dog, Spotlight on Jessica Garrett, CVT, VTS (ECC)
May: Staph, Chronic Otitis Externa Cases, Spotlight on Sandy Grable, CVT
 Epidemiology of Reptile Diseases, Grooming Birds, Spotlight on Dr. Julia Whittington
March: Shockwave Therapy & On-Farm Dynamic Endoscopy Offered, Spotlight on Dr. Fabio Lima 
Total Hip Replacement, Updates on ‘Skinny old Cats,’ Spotlight on Dr. Stephanie Keating


December: Pharmacy Updates, Avian Influenza, Spotlight on Chief of Staff Dr. Laura Garrett, More
November: Pharmacy Webinar, Evaluating Horses Recovering from Anesthesia, More
: Zinc Neutering, MDR1 in Cancer Patients, More
September: Tape Muzzle Helps Maxillofacial Injuries, Phone App, Spotlight on Dr. Mauria O’Brien
August: Why Cats Don’t Vomit Like Dogs, Apoquel for Itchy Dogs, Spotlight on Dr. Tisha Harper
July: Poisonous Plant Garden, New Biotyper, Spotlight on Dr. Jason Pieper
June: Aging Cats, Scoop on Feline Diarrhea, Spider Monkey Treated, Spotlight on Dr. Stanley Rubin
May: Blood Clotting in Horses, Horse Rehab, Spotlight on Dr. Annette McCoy
April: Cardiology, Canine Influenza, New Hospital Leadership, Mobile Surgical Unit


October: Rabbit Husbandry, Rabbit GI Disorders, Spotlight on Dr. Kenneth Welle
August: Client Communication, New Treatment Approach for Osteosarcoma, Spotlight on Dr. Jackie Wypij
June: IV Lipid Emulsion, Imaging Advances, Spotlight on Kim Knap, CVT, CCRP
May: Investigating Markers for Drug Allergy, Spotlight on Dr. Karanvir Aulakh