Biopsy and Necropsy Service, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Biopsy and Necropsy Service

Includes H and E and up to two immunohistochemistries and or two special stains if needed.

Necropsy, gross and histopathology only
(No additional tests)

Necropsy with diagnostic workup (up to two animals)*
Includes at the discretion of the pathologist:

Pathology — gross pathology, histopathology, and up to 2 immunhistochemistries and/or special stains
(Example: One silver stain on one block=ONE stain; one silver stain on two blocks=TWO stains)
Microbiology — up to 5 tests that can include aerobic and anaerobic cultures, serology, PCR and/or FA for suspected organisms, and mycology. Includes one antibiotic sensitivity. Antibiotic sensitivities are considered as separate tests.
Virology — up to 3 tests that can include virus isolation, serology, PCR and/or FA for suspected organisms
(Example: PCR for PRRS on two tissues = TWO PCR tests.)
Parasitology — one test

Note: All additional tests will be charged as indiated on the current fee schedule. Prices subject to change.

*The Necropsy with diagnostic workup is a generic package that allows the pathologist to choose the pertinent tests based on history, clinical signs, and gross findings. There is a limit of two animals as part of this workup and a limit on testing as described above. Additional animals may be submitted at an additional charge for gross and histopathology only.

Necropsy, CNS, (removal of spinal cord) – Additional charge
Necropsy, cosmetic (companion animals only) – Additional charge
(Cases where the owner wants the carcass back.)

Necropsy in a box with workup (up to two animals)

Includes all testing as described above for “Necropsy with diagnostic work-up.”

Necropsy, poultry and game birds with workup (up to four birds)
Includes all testing as described above for “Necropsy with diagnostic work-up.”

EMERGENCY NECROPSY (after hours or weekends) – Additional charge (Please state clearly the emergency nature of the request.)