Disposal of Animal Carcasses

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Disposal of Animal Carcasses

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research at the University of Illinois allows the University to render only carcasses from animals owned by the University or animals examined, treated, tested or necropsied by the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital or the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

For many years there has been a ban on the rendering of sheep and goat carcasses and any of these animals received for diagnostic purposes are incinerated. The current University contract with the rendering company does not allow the rendering of cat and dog carcasses.

A fee of $ .30/pound for preparation of any dogs or other companion animals over 30 pounds that need to be incinerated is charged for animals submitted for necropsy examination.

The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory does not accept animal carcasses for “disposal purposes only” unless they come from University sources.

[updated 11/27/07]