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All fax and phone numbers are area code 217

Pathobiology, Department of:  333-2449
2522 VMBSB, 2001 S. Lincoln, Urbana, IL, MC-002
FAX: 244-7421
URL: http://vetmed.illinois.edu/path
Interim Head: Mark Kuhlenschmidt, 2522 VMBSB, MC-002, 333-2449

Epidemiology, Div of: Gay Miller, 2635 VMBSB, MC-002, 244-3090
Microbiology & Immunology, Div of: Gail Scherba, 2834 VMBSB, MC-002,244-0929
Comparative Pathology, Div of: Phil Solter, 2601 VMBSB, MC-002, 244-6106
Parasitology, Div of: Allan Paul, 3229 VMBSB, MC-002, 333-2907

Dir:  Mariangela Segre, 2227 VMBSB, MC-002, 333-2349