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Molecular Pathobiology Core Research Facility

The department has been active in building a core molecular pathobiology facility to support the research activities of its faculty members. The department has invested $25K in a new gel imaging center and with the assistance of Venture-tech funds and matching departmental resources, it has invested approximately an additional $250K for a carbohydrate work station, single cell laser capture microdissection microscopic, microarray scanner, and quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) unit. The effort to develop core facilties has also been supported by faculty members through their willingness to provide expertise and equipment (e.g.: functional proteomics and protein analysis) from within their own laboratories. Specific resources available for use are:

Complex Carbohydrate Workstation
Analysis of biological tissues and fluids for one or more carbohydrates (sugars) that may be involved in cell signaling and/or be used by infectious agents to invade cells.

Single Cell Laser Capture Microscope
Capture individual or groups of diseased cells and then determine the genes, proteins, or carbohydrates expressed in these cells.