GISSA: Services and Outreach

College of Veterinary Medicine at Illinois

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Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis Laboratory

Services & Outreach

The GISSA lab is available to

• Integrate diverse types of data into an actionable spatial database
• Develop live, customized on-line map services
• Create maps and graphics for digital or paper display
• Calculate metrics related to landscape characteristics, spatial autocorrelation, or other geographic measures

Our specialty is to work on data related to animal and human health, ecological characteristics, and depiction of complex concepts. We have experience in research support, implementation of spatial methods for public health, cultural and natural resource management, and development of web-enabled mapping applications.

We are glad to consider how we could participate in research proposals as consultants, contractors or co-investigators.

Current Projects:

Prediction of Mosquito Infection with West Nile Virus
Community Health Informatics - Health Map Online
• Spatial Data Support for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Contact Marilyn O'Hara for more information.