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GIS Databases

Spatial database development is often a large part of a spatially oriented project.  We have many years of experience in evaluation and processing of a variety of spatial data to form a cohesive dataset suitable for analysis and mapping.  Our emphasis is on the development of datasets that incorporate data from both the human, built environment and from a more natural, ecological approach. 

Our GIS database services

  • geocoding for United States street addresses using both automated and manual approaches as needed.
  • Summarizing data at many scales so that analysis can occur in a hierarchical manner
  • Relational database design
  • ArcGIS geodatabase development
  • Creation of new digital data from paper records and aerial imagery

We have expertise in using and extracting data from many sources including

  • United States Census of Population and Housing
  • Digital elevation models
  • Land use and land cover
  • Soils characteristics
  • Satellite imagery
  • National Agricultural Statistical Service
  • National Hydrography Dataset
  • Precipitation and temperature data