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Graduate Student Expo 2011

Graduate Student Presentations, August 17, 2011

Ashley Defrancisco, PhD/Pathology Residency candidate
The influence of bone resoprtion osteosarcoma Etiopathogenesis
Advisor:  T. Fan

Wei Yu Chen, PhD candidate
Not all the PRRSV are created equal
Advisor:  F. Zuckermann

Mingyuan Han, PhD candidate
Structure function relationship of non-structural protein of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus
Advisor:  D. Yoo

Jayme Jeffries, VMSP/PhD candidate
Mechanisms of increased sialylation and sulfation of airway mucins in cystic fibrosis
Advisor:  G. Lau

  Matthew Leslie, VMSP/PhD candidate
Genetically encoded REDOX biosensors
Advisor:  R. Gaskins

 Anisha Misra, MS candidate
Effect of variation in PRRSV N-glycosylation site in GP5 on virus neutralization
Advisor:  W. Laegreid

Yan Sun, PhD candidate
The inhibition function of Type I interferon by Nsp 11 from PRRSV
Advisor:  D. Yoo

 Brent Walling, PhD/Pathology Residency candidate
Perturbation of Pulmonary innate immunity to respiratory pathogens by carbon nanotubes
Advisor:  G. Lau

 Kathryn Wycislo, PhD/Clinical Pathology Residency candidate
Investigating the balance of TLR agonists in tumor of immune cells
Advisor:  T. Fan

 Luchang Zhu, PhD candidate
Inhibition of competence development, Horizontal Gene Transfer and virulence in streptococcus pneumonia by a modified competence stimulating factor
Advisor:  G. Lau