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College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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revised 4/11/11 SE




April Meeting Minutes

Brought to order by Ashley at 7:15p


Exec Chair Reports Justin:

  • Grand Council already wants to know who is coming. Need to figure out fundraising: possible RSO funding. Do we have money from Theta club. Putting forth effort for fundraiser could help get funding from national.
    • Dates for GC are October 22nd-24th.
    • 19 people showed interest
    • Join the facebook group
  • looking for people to lead up committees.
    • everyone that is in there committee is still interested keeping their postions
  • Garage Sale: open it up to more than just forth years. they rent parking spaces, we can work the booth or they can. Sunday, May 1st is the date for that.
  • Pledge Pins: only can make them 1in. cant get smaller, can look somewhere else, or get them in by the 20th. Pins can be acquired through nationals

  1. Alpha master:
  • Cara sent out an email to vote on T-shirt.
  • Working on table this Saturday the 9th.
  • Pledge Party is April 22nd, meeting after the meeting to figure out working shifts and other odds and ends.
  • Spencer is new Beta Master

Committee Chair Reports
Alumni: Newsletter done waiting for Dr Biehl to get back to her. Dr Byron will take over.


Pet Wash Saturday April 23rd. 10AM-4PM Sign up sheet passed around.

    • Updated flyer is made and ready to be advertised. ASA office, radio, Scrubs plus, illinois website

Internal Relations:
  • White carnation April 21st set for for 630 but may be pushed back to 730
    • awards: best pledge, best senior, spirit award, and Gonzo Awards
Pet visitation:
  • Wed April 20th is the next visitation.
  • We need more people and pets to go to the pet visitations!
Road Race:
  • takes a lot of advertising so we need to start working on that now.
  • Natalie is going to be the 2nd year chair
  • Need to have the race on a Sunday
  • April is busy already, probably won’t have a social event.
  • Over the summer boat rent? email will be sent out

  • Trisha is working hard on website
  • Exec board list serve is updated. Old and new board will both be on it at least until the end of the year.

  • OTS apparel will be done yet this year.

Alpha Finance:
  • Tomorrow bank info will be switched over

  • kick butt: goes to new board
  • butt kick: everyone else for no one voting
  • Dayle wants pictures

Other news:
  • Sam is going to try to do the same thing as Dr. Osadjan’s
  • Flyer sent out for the house. We need to get people in the house. We will advertise to the first years.

Ashley ajurned meeting at 7:55p

Last minute news:
  • need another
    • social chair (1st year now)
    • humane society
    • Need house maintenance starting in August






If you are going to miss a meeting, place 2 canned goods in the box below the mailboxes