[OTS Crest] Omega Tau Sigma
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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revised 11/6/12 SE
Membership Directory 2011-2012

Class of 2011

Theresa Hess
Angie Hinlicky
Ted Johnson
Jacob Mauck
Zachary Neumann
Samantha Shields

Krysta Stewarts

Micah Taylor

Class of 2012

Jennifer Barton

Jeremy Hardy

Jared Holtgrave

Anne Marie Keisic
Sabrina Kuo

Amanda Lincer

Andrea Compton
Lisa Nguyen

Class of 2013

Wes Parquette

Michelle Trommer

Lerin Rives

Justin Suchomel
Patrica Chenoweth

Dayle Dillon

Kathryn Golden

Amber Berlin

Tom Torres

Class of 2014

Spencer White