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Dad and son looking into microscopes together

Demos and Exhibits

Wildlife Medical Clinic

The Wildlife Medical Clinic will be displaying its resident raptors, which include:

  • a Northern saw-whet owl (the smallest owl in Illinois!)
  • an American kestrel

  • a red tailed hawk

  • a great horned owl

  • an Eastern Screech Owl

A fun fact: If our eyes-to-head proportion was the same as that of a great horned owl, our eyes would be the size of two baseballs in our heads.

Kids and adults will have the opportunity to see the birds up close, take pictures, and learn about the birds' natural history. We will provide information on our clinic and show X-rays of a multitude of species. A picture slide show will illustrate our everyday activities in the clinic.

To see some of these activities you can visit our Web site. Or become a fan of the WMC on Facebook.

The Wildlife Clinic will also be selling our ever-popular T-shirts, magnets, mugs, and resident art cards!

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