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Demos and Exhibits

VOICE, VSOP and International Vet Med

Veterinary Students as One In Culture and Ethnicity (VOICE) aims to increase socio-cultural awareness as it relates to veterinary medicine and to promote diversity within the College and the profession.

Our booth will display information about other cultures and what roles animals play within them, as well as an activity on how to say different animal names in various languages. Stop by for free stickers and a bake sale!

Veterinary Student Outreach Program

VSOP is the Veterinary Student Outreach Program.  We are a group of student volunteers that support the mission of education as a key contribution Veterinary Medicine can make to the community. The group strives to provide the community with information about topics related to veterinary medicine, such as bite prevention, proper pet care, and when a pet may need to see a veterinarian. In addition, VSOP explores with groups the science of Veterinary Medicine, covering things like comparative anatomy, epidemiology and the biology of wound/fracture healing.  We also offer ideas about the broad spectrum of careers that are available to people who earn the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. 

For a list of programs we offer, or if you would like a program created for a special topic your group has in mind visit our website:

Stop by our booth at Open House to say “hi” to some our furry educators and test your knowledge about bite prevention!

International Vet Med

Did you know that veterinarians can work in any country in the world?

Veterinarians can be found working with lions in the Sahara, tigers in India, or even just cats and dogs on military bases overseas.

Veterinarians work in all different practice areas, including wildlife conservation, public health, private practice, and at zoos.

Veterinarians also play an important role in understanding international outbreaks of disease, such as avian flu, mad cow disease, and foot and mouth disease.

There’s no end to the role that veterinarians can play all over the world.

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