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Veterinary Business Management Association

Virology... Cardiology… Surgery... Ophthalmology… Dermatology... Nutrition... Anatomy... Bacteriology... Immunology…The list goes on and on! The veterinary medicine curriculum is filled with dozens of required classes enhancing the medical knowledge needed to be a successful veterinarian. However, another aspect of veterinary medicine exists that seems to be overlooked in this difficult curriculum: business management. You might wonder how many business management or economics classes are required for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Currently, the national curriculum doesn’t require any business classes to be completed upon graduation. The Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) is the perfect organization to fill that very important and often overlooked curriculum void.

As young veterinarians we will graduate with plenty of confidence in the medical and surgical areas of medicine but for many, the business aspect of veterinary medicine is far beyond our understanding. Fortunately, through the VBMA, the University of Illinois offers real information to its students seeking help regarding owning clinics, paying off loans, and interviewing. The VBMA’s mission statement includes “advancing the profession through increasing business knowledge, creating networking opportunities, and empowering students to achieve their personal and professional goals.” The VBMA believes that in order to practice quality medicine, veterinarians need to possess subsidiary skills to enhance client compliance and personal success.

As a relatively new club (2001), the rapid growth of the VBMA signifies the need for veterinary students across the country to look outside the science curriculum for answers to their management questions. In less than 5 years the VBMA has established a chapter at every single veterinary school in the US with almost 2500 members as well as three international chapters.

High quality medicine is the backbone to a good veterinary clinic, yet high quality business management skills and understanding can transform a good veterinary clinic into an exceptional one. Come check out our booth to learn more about this nationally-known and respected student-run club!

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