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Swine Medicine

U.S. pork production contributes much to the nation's economy. Illinois is currently the 3rd highest pork producing state after Iowa and North Carolina.

Some of your favorite meats most likely come from pork products. For example, lots of the breakfast meats, such as, bacon, sausage and ham, come from the pork industry. Even your favorite pizza topping, pepperoni, comes from pigs!

Pigs are the most intelligent domestic animal and are very easily trained. Additionally, they are considered a social species, and are happiest when interacting with other members of their own species. These two characteristics contribute to their high trainability, which makes them ideal animal candidates for mass production.

Piglets are born weighing less than 2 lbs and reach market weight of 270 lbs within six months. If males are left to grow for several years they may reach weights of 900 lbs.

Pigs have a digestive system similar to that of dogs, cats, and humans.

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