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Dad and son looking into microscopes together

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Have you ever had the flu or had a cut and wondered how your body responds to those injuries so that you get better? If so, then you asking the very same questions a pathologist asks and then tries to answer about each and every disease process that exists.
child at microscope
Pathology is the study of disease and disease processes. Veterinarians use pathology to figure out what disease an animal may have, or what disease it may have died from. Knowing what disease an animal has helps the veterinarian know how to both treat the patient and prevent other animals (such as cows in a herd) from getting that same disease.

As a matter of fact, veterinary students study all species, including dogs, cats, horses,...and even lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!). Pathology is an exciting field that bridges basic science and applied medicine. Many people describe pathology as the foundation of medicine. It is a field that focuses on all of the "why's" and "how's" of a disease process.

Why not be a pathologist and help cure disease - one species at a time?

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