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You probably knew that heartworms can live in the hearts of dogs, but did you know that first they spend part of their lives living in the salivary glands of mosquitoes?

Or that a flea can jump 150 times her own length? That would be like a human jumping 1000 feet! Did you know that a flea also drinks 15 times her own body weight in blood every day?

Fleas and heartworms represent just a few of the numerous parasites that infect our small and large animal friends and livestock species. Parasitogy is an important part of veterinary medicine, and veterinarians have many resources available to help them recognize the parasites that infect animals and design ways to treat and prevent infection.

In addition, many parasites have zoonotic potential, which means that they can be transmitted from animals to people. This is another reason that parasitology is such an important aspect of veterinary medicine.

So, come by the Parasitology Booth to learn more interesting facts about some of the most common domestic parasites, and some ways to help your pet live a life free of parasites.

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