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Demos and Exhibits

Small Animal Orthopedics

Have you ever wondered how to heal an animal’s broken bone?

The small animal orthopedics booth will answer these and other questions.

Many orthopedic procedures done for humans can be performed on animals as well. Casts, splints, metal plates, screws and pins on the bone—even total hip replacements—can be used to get your pet back to its happy, healthy self..

Come to the small animal dentistry and orthopedics booth to:

  • learn all about your animal’s teeth from gingivitis to extraction and root canals
  • find out how to keep your pet’s smile healthy
  • see X-rays of broken bones
  • learn about different kinds of fracture patterns and see tools used to fix broken bones
  • learn how veterinarians work to achieve predictable and consistent results through fracture fixation and healing.

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