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Demos and Exhibits

Organized Vet Med/ISCAVMA

Come visit the Organized Veterinary Medicine Booth to learn how the many veterinary organizations help their communities learn about animal health.

Did you know that organized vet med helped rescued over 3,000 stranded pets during hurricane Katrina in 2005? They also provided help to the residents of the area that refused to evacuate without their pets, and American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) offers disaster preparedness and response information for veterinarians and their clients and patients.

Did you know that the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association (ISVMA) provides information for people about how to choose a veterinarian, a kennel for boarding, and a support line to help people deal with the loss of their pets?

Did you know that in February 2008 the Illinois Student Chapter of the AVMA donated 18 stuffed dogs from the Josh Project to children at a nearby hospital? The students had raised the funds over two years for this purpose.

This booth is also a good way for prospective veterinary students to learn how veterinary organizations help protect the jobs and rights of veterinarians across the country

Did you know that AVMA is a legislative advocate, as well as an informational and advisory resource to government agencies and other organizations on issues related to veterinary drugs and biologics, zoonotic disease control, food safety and other issues related to animal and human health?

Did you know that ISVMA is working to pass a bill that would provide loans and help debt repayment for students interested in large animal, mixed animal, or public health careers in Illinois?

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