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Dad and son looking into microscopes together

Demos and Exhibits

Farrier Demo (Horse-shoeing)

Did you know that horses wear shoes too?

Horses have a hard, protective layer covering their feet called the hoof wall (corium)Farrier

When hooves get too long, they need to be trimmed. Horses’ hooves should be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the horse's lifestyle.

A farrier is a person who trims horses’ hooves and puts on their shoes. Farriers use tools like X-rays and special shoes to make the best shoe for the horse, so each shoe is tailored to that particular foot.

Horseshoes are nailed into the hoof wall to support the foot and protect it from the environment—which is why people wear shoes, too! Don't worry: the nails don't hurt the horses if they are placed properly. Actually horses can't even feel them!

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