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Avian Medicine

Did you know that more than 9,700 species of birds have been identified?Avian Medicine

Birds can be found on every continent and in every ecosystem except deep ocean habitats. Due to this great diversity, learning avian medicine can seem a daunting task.

Nonetheless, it is becoming increasingly important for veterinarians to at least know the basics of how to treat a sick bird that "walks" into the clinic. It is estimated that there are approximately 50 million pet birds housed in 15 percent of American homes. Veterinarians also need to be ready to answer questions about zoonotic diseases from birds, such as avian influenza.

At our Open House exhibit, you can learn how to read a bird's X-ray, identify popular species of pet birds, and find out about common avian diseases. Last, but not least, you can meet our colorful, loud birds who would love to say "Hello" to you!

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