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Demo & Exhibits

Ambulatory Medicine

“Ambulatory” means “getting around,” and boy, do our veterinarians get around!

Veterinarians and students from the ambulatory service at the U of I Veterinary Teaching Hospital travel throughout 5 surrounding counties and to serve approximately 1700 clients.

They work with a wide range of animals, including beef and dairy cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, llamas, and even some wildlife species. The practice offers year-round, 24-hour emergency services.

At Open House, you can see the tools and technology used in the fully equipped truck and learn about the services provided on farms, such as:

  • Diagnosis of individual animal disease
  • Herd performance evaluation and consultation
  • Castration, dehorning, and routine production procedures
  • Breeding soundness examinations for both male and female
  • Assisted reproductive techniques (Artificial insemination, Embryo transfer, In vitro fertilization)
  • Pregnancy diagnosis

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