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Interested in a career in veterinary medicine?

admissions boothVeterinary medicine takes 8 years of schooling: 4 years in a bachelors program and 4 years at an accredited veterinary school.

Make sure you like science! This is the foundation for medicine. Many science courses are required to apply for admission to a veterinary school.

Get involved now! It’s never too soon to ask your local veterinarian or shelter if you can help out. Get experience working with animals and make sure you really love it before making the commitment to a veterinary career

What can you do with a career in veterinary medicine? Anything!

  • Treat companion animals, ranging from dogs and cats to parrots, ferrets, iguanas, and more
  • Care for horses, llamas, cows, or other large animals
    Provide medical and business consulting for food animal producers who raise beef or dairy cattle, pigs, turkeys, catfish, or more
  • Study and manage wildlife populations and contribute to the conservation of natural resources
  • Work in the area of public health with a local or federal agency such the Food and Drug Administration or US Department of Agriculture
  • Conduct biomedical research that leads to health breakthroughs for people and animals
  • Teach future generations of veterinarians
    Investigate the origin and nature of diseases by being a pathologist

Watch the Illinois Vet Med Admissions Video.

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