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Center for One Health Illinois: August 2013 Summit

2013 Center for One Health Illinois Summit

On August 1, 2013, The Center for One Health Illinois held its second One Health Illinois Summit. Experts from academia, government, and the private sector presented updates on and discussed the current health of Illinois human, animal and ecosystem communities; efforts to develop an integrated health surveillance system; current and recent One Health research projects; trends regarding zoonotic and infectious diseases; and current and potential health policy initiatives.

August 2013 Summit Speaker Presentations

August 2013 Summit Outcomes White Paper

Early on during the Summit, Dr. Herrmann, Co-Director of the Center, asked the audience to consider once again how the One Health concept could be moved from an idea to action; how One Health could be operationalized within state agencies, academia and the private sector.

During the discussion that flowed throughout the day’s presentations and the working lunch, a number of future activities were proposed by attendees and will form the basis of the post-Summit action plan. They were 1) the continued development of an integrated surveillance system, 2) leverage of past successes in research, teaching and outreach to attract future grants from both private and public sectors 3) educate the public and legislators about matters of public health through partnering with media 4) encourage state agencies to consider One Health concepts in their policies and activities and 5) urge private practice veterinarians to continue to inform and educate their clients regarding the importance of One Health topics.

Download the August 2013 Summit Outcomes White Paper (PDF)

August 2013 Summit Student Poster Presentations

  • Food-borne illness risk factor violations and bacterial load in restaurant food preparation areas. Eisenbart V, Johnson Y, Myint M, Liles P, Roberts J.
  • Investigation of antibiotic resistance in turtles and fish from Salt Creek and Busse Woods with varying exposure to outflow from a wastewater treatment plant. Deutsch CJ, Langan J, Mitchell M, Maddox C, Herrmann JA, Meahan T.
  • A model of an avian-human influenza outbreak at Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. DeBaene K, Herrmann JA, Nadler Y, Johnson YJ, O’Hara M, Sorley E.
  • Temporal and spatial distribution of blastomycosis cases in humans and dogs in Illinois (2001-2007). Herrmann JA, Kostiuk SL, Dworkin MD, Johnson YJ.
  • Carriage of coagulase negative methicillin resistant Staph. Spp. in horses as a risk factor for nasal carriage of MRS by human handlers. Mathewson A, Johnson YJ, Myint M, Herrmann JA.
  • Genetic and phenotypic analysis of E.coli isolates obtained from cattle production sites and resident and free-living wild birds. Burdorf K, Johnson YJ, Myint S, Herrmann JA, Wheeler E.
  • Predictors of success of Salmonella foodborne outbreak investigations in the US. Davis H, Lance S, Lynn T, Miller G.
  • Risk assessment of Hemorrhagic Disease exposure in cattle in Illinois. Goel V, Herrmann JA, O’Hara M.
  • The effects of socioeconomic status on rabies vaccine rates in domestic animals in Indiana. McNamara K, House J.