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[painted turlte lost leg]

Watch the Critter Cam Livestream

Jul 22, 2016 / General News

Now Livestreaming: A Painted Turtle The University of Illinois Wildlife Medical Clinic—a non-profit organization that provides care and treatment to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals—will feature a different patient each week on the Critter Cam. Want to help provide food, medicine, and equipment for nearly 2,000 wildlife patients every year? You can make a gift online.  ...

[Marion Dellinger in the Bell Lab]

French Student Immersed in Fish Behavior over Summer

Jul 21, 2016 / General News

Marion Dellinger traveled 4,130 miles from Nantes, France, to dedicate her summer to studying a fish only two inches long. A student at the National Veterinary School of Nantes, Dellinger was one of three French veterinary students selected for a competitive scholarship from Merial, a veterinary pharmaceutical company, to participate in summer research programs in...

[dog and cat]

Clinical Trials Make Cancer Surgical Innovation Available to Pets

Jul 21, 2016 / General News

Pets with Cancer Sought for Two Trials A new surgical imaging tool developed on the University of Illinois campus is being used by a veterinary surgical oncologist there to determine whether all the cancerous cells of a tumor have been removed. Two clinical trials conducted by Dr. Laura Selmic will help introduce this new approach,...


Vet Student Shadows at Johannesburg Zoo

Jul 14, 2016 / Student Blogs

The Right Way to Plan Years of traveling have taught me one important thing about traveling—you can plot, plan, and meticulously arrange, but the best things happen by chance. And sometimes holding together that carefully organized plan is more trouble than it’s worth. I’m sure this is a lesson of South African origin because although...

Lynsee with bird

Rotation in Johannesburg Builds Student’s Confidence with Birds

Jul 6, 2016 / Student Blogs

Fourth-Year Veterinary Student Spends Two Weeks in South African Practice I spent the past two weeks working at a small animal/exotics practice in Johannesburg that primarily sees birds. I was completing my “Primary Care” rotation, which can be done either at my school or out in the real world. Primary care consists of all the...

Oz the goat

Oz the Goat Makes a Great and Powerful Recovery

Jul 6, 2016 / Patient Stories

At just nine months old, Oz appeared to have the crippled walk of an old man. Oz the goat was intended for a life as a stud to pass along his favorable genetics, but because of his mysterious lameness, Oz’s owners decided it would be best not to breed him. Instead, they donated the animal...

[our eagle has a name]

Wildlife Clinic Announces Name of Resident Bald Eagle

Jul 4, 2016 / General News

Eagle’s Name Recalls Her Story Update posted at 7:30 am, July 4 The very first bald eagle to become a resident teaching animal at the University of Illinois Wildlife Medical Clinic finally has a name: River. Members of the public submitted dozens of name suggestions—as well as donations toward a new flight cage for the large...

[Dr. Susan Schantz]

Report: A Host of Common Chemicals Endanger Child Brain Development

Jul 1, 2016 / Comparative Biosciences News

In a new report, dozens of scientists, health practitioners and children’s health advocates are calling for renewed attention to the growing evidence that many common and widely available chemicals endanger neurodevelopment in fetuses and children of all ages. The chemicals that are of most concern include lead and mercury; organophosphate pesticides used in agriculture and...


Get to Know Sandy Collins

Jun 28, 2016 / Get to Know

Sandy Collins, account technician II in the Business Services Center, has worked at the College of Veterinary Medicine for nine years. Using 10 words or less, describe what your role at the college is.  Travel reimbursements and T-Card reconciliations. Have you held other titles or responsibilities at the college? Yes, when I started at the...

[yvette johnson-walker]

With Online Games, High School Students Learn How to Rein in Disease Outbreaks

Jun 27, 2016 / Center for One Health Illinois

High school students investigate Ebola-like outbreaks and administer vaccines through Outbreak!, a new summer course at Illinois that uses online games to encourage critical thinking about fighting infectious diseases. Dr. Yvette Johnson-Walker, an epidemiologist and a clinical instructor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, leads the four-week course with her colleague Dr. Maung San...