Walk-in Service Hours


Fall 2017 Walk-in Service Hours

Every Tuesday and Thursday 11:45a–1:00p  |  SAC Room 281  |  Email: net@vetmed.illinois.edu  |  Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm

*During these advertised hours users are able to walk-in and receive extended help with personal equipment. We will give priority to those that walk-in and need assistance during the advertised times above.

Outside of Extended Walk-in Service Hours the walk-in issues should be limited to issues that can be addressed in 10 minutes or less such as password and permissions trouble, accessing the wireless network and answering basic troubleshooting questions.

Please note: If assistance is needed for University owned equipment please contact us via email at net@vetmed.illinois.edu and we will schedule time to visit at your office location and or pick up the equipment.