Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Quick Start

Amazon Web Services is now available on the Urbana-Champaign campus for research, instruction, and administrative use: AWS Quick Start Home

AWS Access

Request access or log into an account at the University of Illinois AWS service gateway:


You can contact the Illinois AWS team at to sit down and discuss whether AWS is a good fit for your unit’s needs, design solutions, or take feedback on how we can improve the service.

Amazon Web Services Cloud Credits Available

 As more researchers incorporate big data, high-performance computing, and massive digital storage into their work, the more resources like Amazon Web Services (AWS) become an important component of research efforts. Recognizing this, Amazon has started the AWS Cloud Credits for Research Program, which awards researchers credits for the use of AWS to enhance cloud-based research.This program is designed to reward researchers who are focused on (a) building cloud-based applications, software or tools, (b) performing proof-of-concept or benchmark tests evaluating the movement of research workloads or open data sets to the cloud, or (c) training a broader community on the usage of the cloud for research.

The Technology Services Amazon Web Services (AWS) team can help improve the chances of interested University of Illinois researchers be awarded credits through the AWS Cloud Credits for Research Program.

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