Personal Computer Requirements

The College of Veterinary Medicine requires its professional students to own a notebook computer- either a tablet PC or a traditional laptop. Mobile computer technology enables greater flexibility so that you can easily bring your device and electronic notes to each class and home. Tablet technology allows you to use a stylus pen or finger to operate the computer without a keyboard or mouse, and the ability to add hand-written notes to an instructor’s materials for further study proves invaluable to our current DVM students.

Please click the attachment below to view or download a PDF of our Required MINIMUM system configuration for NEW purchases. This minimum configuration is a good investment and should serve you well through your professional years:

Note: Lenovo Yoga, Microsoft Surface Pros and potentially other machines with 4K displays may display an extremely small desktop (icons, print, etc.) when logging into some Vet Med Applications (i.e. Dino). You will be required to install Remote Desktop Manager and/or complete additional configuration on these machines.

Class of 2021 (VM2021) Personal Computer Requirements

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