Skype for Business PINs

Skype for Business PINs

 This page contains both Microsoft documentation and University-specific documentation about how to set and reset your personal identification numbers (PINs) for Skype for Business.

Your Skype for Business PINs

Your PINs (personal identification numbers) are unique numbers you must choose in order to use Skype for Business tools and services. There are two PINs you will use with Skype for Business:

  • Voicemail PIN
  • Conferencing/IP Phone PIN

Your PINs will enable you to authenticate your identity while you:

  • Access your voicemail
  • Log in to the audio portion of a Skype for Business conference from a non-Skype for Business phone such as your cell phone
  • Log in to a Skype for Business IP phone using PIN authentication
  • Log in to a Common Area Phone

PIN Requirements:

  • Be a minimum of 6 digits
  • Not be a part of your phone number
  • Not use sequential numbers (e.g: 123456 or 654321)
  • Not use repeated numbers (e.g. 111111 or 666666)
  • Not be easily guessable (e.g. 123123, 112233, 121212)

Set or Reset Your Skype for Business PINs

To set or reset your Voicemail PIN, or Conferencing/IP Phone PIN, follow these instructions: Lync or Skype for Business, How to reset the PIN

You may set both your Voicemail PIN and your Conferencing/IP Phone PIN to be the same number.