Recycled Toner

Beginning Wednesday December 1, 2010, Vet Med faculty and staff will be responsible for ordering ink, toner and other supplies for their individual office printers. Departmental staff will be responsible for ordering these items for department office printers. Printer supplies can be purchased through one of two methods:

- iBuy punch-outs (CDW-G, OfficeMax, HP, Dell)
- Complete an iBuy non-catalog order form for the local vendor Lazers Edge, which supplies HP, Brother and Canon toner supplies. Before filling out the non-catalog order, please call Lazers Edge at 359-8700 to obtain a toner price quote for your model of printer. In the non-catalog order form, place your model of toner (e.g. LaserJet 4200) in the Catalog No. field, specify “Toner” in the description and use 61500 (Office Supplies) for the commodity code.

Computing Services should still be contacted for printer troubleshooting, repairs and purchases. Persons requiring assistance with ordering toner and other printer supplies should contact the Business Service Center at; please be sure to include the model of printer and your room number/building in the request. To help prevent running out of toner at an inopportune time, we recommend two precautionary measures:

- Individuals should regularly check your toner, ink or other printer supply levels. When the printer indicates a low toner level (faded/light pages on printers lacking a supply level indicator), immediately order a new cartridge.
- Staff responsible for departmental printers should stock an additional toner for their printer(s). When a toner cartridge runs out, use the additional toner for the replacement and then order a new cartridge to have on hand for future use.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Computing Services at