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Remote Desktop to CVM-AD Computers

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7 is equipped with the software for remote desktop access. Macintosh OS X can connect using software available as a free download from Microsoft.

Prepare Your Work Computer for Remote Access (Do this before you go home):

1. Enable Remote Desktop

    a. Right-click on Computer and select Properties
    b. Select the Remote tab and check the option "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer"
    c. Select Ok.

2.Obtain your work computer IP address

    a. Go to Start -> and type "cmd" (without quotes) in the Search Programs and Fields box. Click cmd.exe. This will open a Command window.
    b. At the prompt type "ipconfig /all"
    c. This will return information about your computer including your IP address.
    d. Write down your IP address and bring this information home.

    Note: The exact text in this window will vary, but there should always be a line for IP Address. Your IP Address should be of the form 130.126.x.x

3. Do not forget to leave your computer powered on when you leave work.

Connect To Your Station Remotely (Do this at home):

1. Establish secure connection to UIUC network

    a. Connect to the internet using the CITES VPN client. Visit http://www.cites.uiuc.edu/vpn for more instruction or how to download or configure the VPN client.

    b. Start VPN client and connect. Old Cisco VPN client users use your NetID and NetID password. Remember the new CITES VPN client requires campus AD password.

2. Open Remote Desktop Client

    a. XP USERS: Go to Start -> Programs -> Accessories and open “Remote Desktop Connection”. If you do not find it in this location look in the “Communications” folder within Accessories.
    b. VISTA & 7 USERS: Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories and open "Remote Desktop Connection"

3. Connect to work computer

    a. After launching the Remote Desktop Connection you will be prompted to enter the computer name. Type in the IP address you collected from work (130.126.x.x)

    b. It will take a few seconds and then you should be able to logon to your work computer with your
    CVM-AD username and password.

Click here for a printable version of how to use Remote Desktop to access your CVM-AD work computer or see attached document.

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